LTCi Application Tips

Painting a picture is the best way to ensure your cases are issued quicker
When underwriting your LTCi cases, Mutual of Omaha looks at the total picture, including your client’s health, cognitive status and lifestyle. So, the better job you do painting a picture of your client’s situation, the faster the underwriting process will go.

Mutual of Omaha knows your LTCi clients are more than a list of diagnoses. Even people with chronic health conditions can be viewed favorably as long as they’re physically and socially active and working with a physician to manage their health. But underwriting has to know all that. And it’s up to you to tell them.

Gather Information from Your Clients

  • About the doctors’ visits, lab tests, etc.
  • About any diagnoses they’re received
  • About pending tests, recent surgeries or physical therapy
  • About medications they take
  • About physical and social activities
  • About ever being declined for LTCi by another carrier

Attach a Cover Letter
A cover letter attached to an application is the best way for underwriting to get to know your client. Remember the more information you can share when you submit your application, the better the chance for a positive outcome.

LTCi Application Tips