LTC “Underwriting Operation” – Camila’s Story

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Another case study as part of our ongoing Underwriting Operation.


Camila, a 63-year-old woman in Arizona, applied for MutualCare® Custom Solution. She was quoted Select; however, after underwriting review, a Class I rate was offered.

During the application process, Camila hadn’t told her agent about a stroke she had 3 years ago which caused a change in rate class. The stroke was discovered when the underwriter reviewed her medical records. The underwriter emailed the agent regarding the rate class change and encouraged the agent to call and discuss options with the client.

The agent discussed the rate class change with the client, they changed benefits so the policy could still be placed near the quoted premium amount, and the policy was issued with the changes.
TIP:  Remind clients to be as open and honest as possible during the application process, as undisclosed conditions can affect insurability. When in doubt any time while writing an application or prescreening, give us a call at 1-800-551-2059 or email