LTC Sales Idea: Return of Premium

If you have clients who don’t want to end up paying premiums for something they may never use, there’s a feature of the policy that can help ease their concerns.

Mutual of Omaha Offers Three Return of Premium Options:
Add an optional Return of Premium rider to a long-term care policy. Here’s how it works: If the insured dies while the policy is in force, premiums paid minus any policy benefits received by the insured are refunded to the insured’s beneficiary.

ROP Benefit

ROP Three Times the Maximum Monthly Benefit Less Claims Paid

ROP if Death Occurs Before Age 65 Less Claims Paid

ROP at Death Less Claims Paid

How it Works:

Refunds no more than three times the maximum monthly benefit of the policy

Refunds premium if the insured dies prior to his or her 65th birthday

Refunds premium upon the death of the insured

Available On:

MutualCare® Custom Solution, MutualCare® Secure Solution

MutualCare® Custom Solution

MutualCare® Custom Solution


LTC Sales Idea: Return of Premium