Long-Term Care Awareness Month – Toolbox

Long-Term Care Awareness Blockbuster Events! Presented by GoldenCare, Starring Tom Randall & Jeff Clark!

Part 1, Introduction to the Pivot Concept

Let Tom Randall show you why it is not enough to simply ‘set the table’ for a potential decline anymore.

Today, the wisest agents are taking full advantage of GoldenCare’s Perfect Portfolio of products and going into each presentation prepared to ‘serve, protect & feed nearly everyone.’

Wed, November 17, 2021
2:00 PM  to  2:45 PM CST

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Part 2, A Closer Look at the Pivot Presentation

Tom will walk you through the actual pivot presentation itself. See how to ask the right questions, easily move around in the power point, and zero in on the best solution for prospects.

Learn how effectively utilizing our Perfect Portfolio will make it easier to help more people… and earn more money in the process.

Thurs, November 18, 2021
11:00 AM  to  11:45 AM CST

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SPECIAL: “Missing Link” Consumer Presentation Pro Tips

Join our Long-Term Care Expert for tips on the “Missing Link” in your client’s portfolio. This is the Consumer Presentation that has sold millions!

Listen as our Expert goes through our field-proven Consumer Presentation. You’ll learn tips and strategies to make the most out of each and every meeting!

Tues, November 23, 2021
2:00 PM  to  2:45 PM CST

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Long-Term Care Awareness Month – Toolbox

Tools & Resources To Help You Begin the Conversation

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month – the perfect time to have that important planning conversation with your clients. We’ve collected several educational resources: some for agent-use, others for consumer-use.

GoldenCare Infographics

Social media & email are excellent ways to share care statistics, facts, personal stories and experiences. We’re pleased to provide these complimentary infographics to help you start the conversation!

NGL Infographics

In support of November LTC Awareness Month, help NGL spread the word about the importance of LTCi with the EssentialLTC #LTCAwarenessMonth Fact of the Day Infographic series!

Real Life, Real Stories.

Visit and watch the Duckett family’s story, as they reflected on their decision to purchase LTCi. More than financial security, it provided peace of mind and independence.

Determine Your Needs

The handy Determine Your LTC Needs calculator on helps to illustrate how much your clients can expect to pay for LTC services in their state.

Consumer Video

Mutual of Omaha’s Protecting the Things that Matter Most consumer video highlights the need for LTCi. Be sure to use the correct version for your state.

Securian e-Marketing Kit

Securian’s SecureCare social media marketing e-toolkit can maximize your prospecting efforts in November — and beyond.

LifeHappens® Videos

If you prefer not to share your own story or experience, visit for unbiased, educational videos of real-life stories to which your clients can relate.

2020 Cost of Care

Consider sharing with your clients both the current and projected costs of long term care where they live — or plan to retire, using the latest Cost of Care data from a study Genworth released in 2021.

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