LTC Awareness Month – The value of Caregiver Resources

LTC Awareness Month resources from Thrivent

Caregiver Resources from Homethrive

Thrivent Homethrive imageLast year, Thrivent introduced a valuable new membership benefit: Caregiver Resources from Homethrive.

Caregiver Resources include online tools including articles, videos, blogs and checklists on topics related to aging and caregiving. Users can:

      • Chat live with an expert.
      • Get personalized recommendations.
      • Have relevant content emailed to them.

And while other services focus on helping clients find the best care facility, Homethrive focuses on supporting caregivers to help aging adults live safely and successfully in their homes as long as they can.

Behind Homethrive is a team of licensed, credentialed experts—called Care Guides—with years of experience helping families navigate the challenges of caregiving.

Users who want an even more personalized experience can upgrade for more personal support. For a discounted fee, they will have access to their own caregiving expert to answer difficult questions, simplify complex situations and provide emotional support.

The new benefit is available now, and clients with current membership will receive information on it this month.

      • One page promo sheet 36343
      • Membership Benefits Brochure 27388

Note: This benefit is not tied to owning a Thrivent LTCi contract. It is available to anyone who is a member of Thrivent. Member benefits should not be used to induce a sale, and member benefits can change at any time.

Thrivent Tailored Support

Reprint article on Caregiver Resources

Navigating care for loved ones isn’t easy, but Thrivent’s Caregiver Resources provide financial and emotional support

The Winter issue of Thrivent magazine includes a feature article on Caregiver Resouces and shares stories of how this member benefit is positively impacting the lives of family caregivers. It also provides a sample of the content that one can find with Homethrive.

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