“Long term care insurance in the UK: What’s going on?”

Long term care insurance in the UK: What’s going on?,” by Mark Rosanes, Insurance Business UK

“Arranging care for later life can be a complex and costly endeavour, highlighting the need for long-term care insurance in the UK. Unfortunately, this type of coverage is no longer accessible across the country, but this does not mean that British citizens are left without options. In this article, Insurance Business explains why long-term care insurance policies are not being sold anymore in the UK, what options are available when it comes to financing care, and what plans are in place to enable citizens to access affordable long-term care.”

LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

If you think our LTC service delivery and financing system is complicated, inadequate, and falling apart, have a look at the UK’s operation. At least we don’t have a National Health Service for acute care that’s collapsing. Oh wait, Medicare is insolvent. Do you think maybe the common denominator in both countries’ problems is the dominant role of government and the lack of a free health care market?