State veterans home rife with deficiencies, inaccurate COVID death reports: federal report,” by Jessica R. Towhey, McKnight’s LTC News

“Two veterans’ nursing homes in New Jersey that employees described as ‘pure hell’ and ‘a battlefield’ violated residents’ Constitutional rights, federal officials said in a damning report.  The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division and the US Attorney’s Office District of New Jersey issued a joint report Thursday with findings of their investigation into the Veterans Memorial Homes at Menlo Park and Paramus. The 40-page report details ‘those early days [of COVID] and how the initial chaos decreased but did not end,’ eventually leading to a conclusion that the facilities violated residents’ 14thAmendment rights.”

LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

One more reason to add to our Reasons Why Veterans Should Not Depend on VA Benefits for Long-Term Care in The Zone, the Center’s Members-Only website.