“It’s no better in 16 years of long-term care study in SD”

It’s no better in 16 years of long-term care study in SD,” by Rae Yost, Keloland.com

“There is an increasing government effort to create public programs to solve the pressing long term care conundrum. This article will examine the causes of this effort and progress to date. … The State of Washington, with its high costs of care and its liberal governor, Jay Inslee, became the first state to mandate a public long term care insurance program. … California has been the state that has spent the most time and money to come up with a program, and is being watched carefully by a dozen other interested states. … Thus far, there has been virtually no publicity in California about this proposed program, and it lacks any public interest or support. Members of the Legislature are not yet involved. It is likely in my opinion that another state, maybe Minnesota, will pass a program before California acts. … As an agent, you need to be well informed on the issues and prepared as the situation in your state clarifies to execute a specific marketing plan.

LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

Frustrated by lack of progress at the federal level, several states have taken up the mantle to push LTC social insurance at their own level. They’re all hitting the same roadblock of economic reality that threatens to bring down their big brothers, the federal social insurance entitlement programs. So far only one state, Washington, has actually taken the plunge. Other states will likely, and wisely, wait to see how that goes when the Evergreen State starts extracting payroll taxes in a few weeks.