Introducing Mutual Perks for Mutual of Omaha Policyholders

Everyone loves a good deal. Whether it’s a discount at a favorite store or restaurant, savings on eyeglasses and hearing aids, a reduced rate on a home mortgage or a low-cost gym membership, the Mutual Perks program is designed to help some of your clients keep more money in their pockets.

What’s Included in the Mutual Perks Program?
Coupons & Discounts – Discounts at local restaurants and retailers, as well as a variety of national online merchants – many of the places where your customers already spend their dollars. Provided via AccessPerks

Health & Fitness Programs – Also known as Mutually Well, this service offers discounts on healthy living products and services, personalized nutrition and wellness planning, plus the option to purchase a gym membership for just $25 a month

Vision Care – Savings on eye exams and eyewear from local providers and the nation’s top optical retailers through EyeMed

Hearing Health Care – Discounts on hearing tests and hearing aids provided by Amplifon

Mutual of Omaha Mortgage – Special rates on new home mortgages, refinancing and reverse mortgages
Who is eligible?
Mutual Perks will be available to existing Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance, Annuity, Long-Term Care, Disability, Critical Advantage, Accidental Death policyholders.

Note: Mutual Perks is not available to Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plan, Vision or Dental policyholders at this time.
When Will Mutual Perks be Available?
The Mutual Perks program is rolling out to existing policyholders (see note above) beginning February 25. Policyholders will receive an email announcement, and a banner ad will be displayed for those who manage their account online through our Customer Access website.

Beginning in March, new customers will also receive information about Mutual Perks as part of the onboarding process. (Note: Mutual Perks cannot be promoted or discussed with prospective clients before the sale.)
What Does Mutual Perks Mean for Me?
Value-added services like Mutual Perks are becoming more common in the insurance industry and consumers are beginning to expect extras that can help them save money. That’s why it’s important to make sure your clients understand the added value that comes with their life insurance policy. So, take some time during policy delivery to delight your clients with Mutual Perks.

To learn more about Mutual Perks, download our Frequently Asked Questions.
If your customers have questions, have them contact customer service at 800-775-1000.

Introducing Mutual Perks for Mutual of Omaha Policyholders