Inforce LTCI Rate Adjustments Effective October 1, 2023

Mutual of Omaha actively monitors our inforce long-term care business, filing rate adjustments when necessary to ensure we keep our promises to policyholders and remain competitive in the marketplace.

We will be implementing the following inforce rate adjustments effective October 1, 2023.

*The state of Rhode Island requires a 90-day notification period for all policyholders. Therefore, the effective date for the affected RI policies indicated below will be November 1, 2023.
For details on yearly rate adjustment percentages, view the supplemental grid here.

Impacted Forms Impacted States
LTC04G Arizona & Rhode Island
LTC04I Arizona & Rhode Island
LTC04I7 Arizona & Rhode Island
LTC09M Arizona & Rhode Island
LTC06UI Arizona & Rhode Island
LTC09U Arizona & Rhode Island

Policyholder Notification Process
Policyholders will receive a letter notifying them at least 60* days prior to the premium rate increase effective date as outlined above.

Along with the premium rate increase notification letters, most policyholders will receive an adjustment offer if there are options available. The offer will provide the policyholder a benefit reduction alternative to help reduce the impact of the premium increase.
Tools Available
Additional resources are available on Sales Professional Access, including:

  • A list of impacted policyholders on the Reports page
  • Historical rate adjustment information by policy form on the Rate Adjustment page

For a complete list of affected policy forms as well as additional key information, including quoting best practices, please review the FAQ.

Long-term care insurance is a core product for Mutual of Omaha, and we intend to remain a key player in this market for years to come.

For any questions, please contact Mutual of Omaha’s Sales Support at (800) 693-6083.

Inforce LTCi Rate Adjustments Effective October 1, 2023