Important Upcoming Mutual of Omaha Changes – Mississippi is Now an NAIC State

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This message is for awareness to notify you that Mississippi license requirements have been implemented by Mutual of Omaha.

Effective September 16, 2022, Mutual of Omaha has officially implemented the changes provided in the information below. Corporations must hold an active license and appointment in Mississippi to receive override commissions.

Mississippi (MS) is now a state that requires corporations to be licensed and appointed to receive override commissions. If a corporation does not have the appropriate license and appointment in Mississippi, commissions will be held until the proper license is obtained. Mississippi will be added to the appointment confirmation and you will receive the below message notification at that time.

IMPORTANT: If a Policy is submitted in the state of MT, PA or VI, we will hold commissions if there is not an active state appointment on file. A corporation must hold an active license in the following states to receive override commissions in GA, MA, MS, MT, NM, PA, and VA. In addition, the licenses for MT or VA must be effective at the time the application is taken to receive overrides. If the agent and/or corporation obtains a license in any of these states, please submit it to CONTRACTSANDAPPOINTMENTS@MUTUALOFOMAHA.COM.

If you have any questions, please contact Producer Services at 800-867-6873.


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Important Upcoming Mutual of Omaha Changes: MS is Now an NAIC State