“ILTCI Recognition Award,” The ILTCI Conference”

ILTCI Recognition Award,” The ILTCI Conference

“The Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference Association’s (ILTCI) vision is to create an environment for aging in America that includes thoughtful, informed planning that takes into account the most effective and efficient use of resources in addressing the risks and costs of long-term care for all levels of American society. It is the desire of the ILTCI to recognize people and organizations that have made significant, long-term contributions in attaining the ILTCI vision. Do you know someone deserving of recognition?  Read on for more…

To be eligible for this award, candidates must

  • Be engaged in the long-term care field, such as a long-term care service provider or financier, as a regulator or legislator involved in governance of long-term care or these entities, or as a research or policy expert in long-term care issues and
  • Exhibit an extraordinary commitment to the industry through ingenuity, length of service and dedication.

Winner(s) chosen for this award will be recognized at the Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference in San Diego at the Town & Country Resort, March 17 – 20, 2024.

Entries must be submitted by February 9, 2024 for Board of Directors consideration.

Prior Award Winners:

2019 Award Recipient: Stephen Moses, President of the Center for Long Term Care Reform (http://www.centerltc.com/)

2018 Award Recipient: Dr. Marc Cohen, Clinical Professor, Department of Gerontology and Director, Center for Long-Term Care Services and Supports at the University of Massachusetts (https://www.linkedin.com/in/marc-cohen-2487343/)”

LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

Only one more week left to submit your nomination for the 2024 ILTCI Recognition Award. Nominate Now.