Humana Achieve Has New Rates in South Carolina!

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We are excited to announce that Humana Achieve has refreshed their Medicare Supplement rates in South Carolina starting with coverage effective August 1, 2023 — providing you with more competitive monthly premiums for your clients!

Below is the updated Outline of Coverage for South Carolina:

SC Outline of Coverage


As a reminder, Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement plans offer:

  • Credit cards accepted for both initial and monthly premium payments
  • 12% enhanced household premium discount — applicant need only reside with an adult 18+ years of age
  • Ability for clients to receive an additional $2 per month discount when setting up recurring monthly premium payments with a credit card or via EFT

In more news, Humana will soon be improving their competitive position in Illinois, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania — look for these updates as they become available!