“How To Get Long-Term Care At Home Without Busting The Bank”

“How To Get Long-Term Care At Home Without Busting The Bank,” by Judith Graham, Kaiser Health News

“The vast majority of older adults receive long-term care at home, not in nursing homes. But few people plan for this expense.

Nor do they see long-term care insurance as a viable option — because it’s expensive and is often seen as protection against the cost of nursing home care. That should change, some experts contend. If the long-term care insurance industry focused more on helping people cover home-based services, they argue, policies would be more affordable, and potentially appealing. . . . We’re eager to hear from readers about questions you’d like answered, problems you’ve been having with your care and advice you need in dealing with the health care system. Visit khn.org/columnists to submit your requests or tips.

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):

What I like about this article is that Kaiser Health News, usually an advocate of government LTC financing and opposed to private LTCI, is talking to the right people. Specifically, Bill Comfort, Deb Newman, Beth Ludden, and Scott Olson, all genuine experts on long-term care insurance. Note the italicized portion at the end of the quote above. Kaiser Health News wants to hear from you. So, let them know what you think. Here’s an idea. Send them our new report:  “How to Fix Long-Term Care Financing.”

How To Get Long-Term Care At Home Without Busting The Bank