How can I record calls in compliance with the new CMS call recording requirements?

How can I record calls in compliance with the new CMS call recording requirements?


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New CMS Call Recording Requirements:

GoldenCare’s Team is here to help

CMS has new Medicare marketing rules and guidelines that apply to MA plans, PDP plans and MAPD plans — they affect how you work as an agent and will likely mean big changes for you and your organization.

The changes include:

  • New requirements for third-party marketing organizations like Integrity and its partners
  • A new process for submitting marketing materials to CMS
  • A new, broader definition of “marketing” that expands the types of materials that must be submitted to CMS.
  • New requirements for agents to record all calls with beneficiaries

New Requirements, Confusion, and Uncertainty

All calls with beneficiaries must be recorded in their entirety. You are responsible for compliance with this requirement. The requirements are effective now for plan enrollments beginning on January 1, 2023. As AEP is the start of marketing for plan year 2023 enrollments, this means that you should record all calls in their entirety beginning on October 1, 2022.

The Solution: GoldenCare Partnership and MedicareCENTER

The great news is Integrity is building a call recording capability into MedicareCENTER. This call recording technology will be FREE for all Integrity partners and their downline independent agents and brokers.

Integrity is making this technology available in an effort to assist you with Medicare compliance. However, you are not required to use MedicareCENTER.

You may choose to use a different vendor if you prefer. If you use a different vendor, however, you are responsible for entering into an agreement with and paying that vendor directly.

CMS Call Recording Requirements and FAQs