“The House GOP Health Plan Would Be The Biggest Change For Seniors In A Half-Century,” by Howard Gleckman, Forbes

“House Republicans have proposed a major rewrite of the Affordable Care Act that would increase the cost of health insurance for older workers and profoundly change the Medicaid support system for the most vulnerable. It would be the biggest change in government assistance for long-term care since the creation of Medicaid a half century ago. . . . That means more older adults and younger people with disabilities will exhaust their assets on medical and long-term term care, and more will become eligible for Medicaid. However, because the federal contribution to Medicaid will shrink, those enrollees will receive less generous benefits.”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
No. The new approach means state Medicaid programs will be able to target scarce welfare resources to the people who need them most and incentivize everyone else to plan responsibly, pay privately for LTC, and stay off Medicaid. This author is the same guy who wants everyone to submit to a new, compulsory, payroll-financed, centrally planned, government LTC program. Yeah, that’ll fix everything.

The House GOP Health Plan Would Be The Biggest Change For Seniors In A Half-Century