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Supporting Customers Through Long-Term Care Events
Retirement comes with endless possibilities, but also added risks. The more we age, the more likely we are to need long-term care. One way for your clients to continue to be there for their loved ones is to have a plan. In case of a long-term care event, your customers can make sure not only that they will have the means to pay for it, but that their loved ones will have the support they need.

Help is Only One Phone Call Away

Our Care Benefit Concierge makes it easy for a power of attorney or loved one to file a claim on your client’s behalf. Our representatives will go the extra mile to help get the paperwork done. The claimant will have a dedicated representative to call when they need help. Click on the items below to learn more about our personalized approach.

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Help is One Phone
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By choosing an asset-based long-term care product, you can customize a solution that could enhance your clients’ financial strategy and bring them peace of mind.

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