GTL’s Recover Cash | What is Caregiver Burnout?

GTL Recover Cash | What Is Caregiver Burnout?

Where Short-Term Care Meets Support for
Your Client’s Loved Ones

Family Caregiver Support + Cash Benefits!
Offered through GTL’s Home Health Care Rider, TCARE’s Family Concierge Service is designed to support your client’s loved ones and prevent caregiver burnout. TCARE enables family caregivers to focus on what matters most: taking care of themselves while caring for their loved ones.


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Did You Know?

Caregiver Burnout image 1 57% of caregivers report high levels of
stress, anxiety, and/or depression
Caregiver Burnout image 2 40 Million reported family caregivers
in the past 5 years
Caregiver Burnout image 3 85% of family caregivers do not
receive any respite care





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