Good News: 2023 Update: LTC CEO Complete Sales Toolkit v13.0 Now Available

New And Updated Content Inside Our LTC CEO Toolkit!

It’s FINALLY HERE! The latest version of our LTC CEO Office, Home and Internet Selling Tools software is now available! With the immense shift seen in the extended care market over the past year – there was a lot to update!

Version 13.0 includes the very latest 2023 resources, updated calculators, sales tools and more. Plus, the tool has received a bit of a facelift too!

Existing Users:
Double click the “Check for Updates” button in the LTC-CEO Utilities folder on your desktop and the update will automatically launch.

What is the LTC CEO?
It’s time you were introduced!
Visit our website to learn more about this powerful sales tool and what all comes included. Or call our Marketing Team at 800-842-7799, to find out if you’re qualified to get your copy for FREE!

LTC CEO Office, Home and Internet Selling Tools