Good News | Rebranded LTC Materials, Just In Time For LTC Awareness Month

Long-Term Care Awareness Month Is Coming Soon

As the lion is fearless, so should your confidence in our Mutual of Omaha Long-Term Care insurance portfolio. We have a great lineup of materials heading your way for LTCi Awarness Month!

Use November as an opportunity to discuss the critical role Long-Term Care insurance can play in an overall financial strategy. We now have a plethora of freshly rebranded marketing materials at your disposal to help facilitate these vital discussions.

Please Note: State-specific versions may exist. Please access the materials for your state by going to Forms & Materials on SPA, or contact GoldenCare.

Check Out The Lineup Of Freshly Rebranded Materials 

If you’re already appointed through GoldenCare, but are not yet taking advantage of all we have to offer, call your Regional Director at 800-842-7799!