GoldenCare Newsletter | September 13, 2021

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From GoldenCare:


Our Guest Article in this edition

“How COVID-19 Has Changed Americans’ Views on Health Insurance,” by Michael Popke, ThinkAdvisor


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Demo: Expanded CSG Actuarial Tool Capabilities!

Special guest speaker Anna Patrick will give a live demo to showcase the power of CSG Actuarial.

Wed, Sept 15, 2021 2:00 PM  to  2:45 PM CDT


Live Demonstration Of The New MedicareCENTER

The updated MedicareCENTER helps you produce and earn more, especially now that the powerful CSG Actuarial tool has become
incorporated into the platform!
Fri, Sept 17, 2021 10:00 AM  to  11:00 AM CDT

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Medicare Compliance GuideBest Practices In Medicare Compliance & Marketing


Industry Updates:


From Mutual of Omaha:

EFT Direct Deposit Changes Coming Soon

The Changing Landscape of Long-Term Care Planning

Find Ways to Help LTC Claims Go Smoothly

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

IUL Express Product Guide

Mutual Income Solutions – Premium Discounts

Optional Return of Premium Rider

A Walk Through Life’s Stages

Critical Advantage Portfolio Overview


From OneAmerica:

Updates and changes to our Asset Care® portfolio


From GTL:

GTL’s New Advantage Plus Elite Now Available | Special September Bonus


From NGL:

NGL EssenitalLTC – Underwriting Update

NGL EssenitalLTC – Massachusetts Forms Update

What YOU Wanted to Hear About NGL’s Underwriting




Our portfolio includes Medicare giants such as Mutual of Omaha, Lumico, Accendo/CVS Health, United Healthcare, Humana, and more!

Lumico’s Q3 2021 Agent Incentive for Medicare Supplements

Lumico’s enhanced Agency Services support line!

Union Security Q3 2021 Agent Incentive

Humana’s Q3 2021 Incentive: The more you sell, the more you Achieve

A 15% discount on dental insurance. Woo hoo!

Make a Splash with Our Summer Sizzle Program

PDP Plan Offerings for 2022

Updated Senior Health SPA Guide Available

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See MedicareCENTER in action!

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Read Full GoldenCare Newsletter, September 13, 2021 Edition