GoldenCare Newsletter | January 7, 2019

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From GoldenCare:

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Look for an upcoming LTC CEO Office, Home and Internet Selling Tools Software update, coming in the next couple weeks with all the latest tools!

Making a good decision on whether or not to own Long Term Care insurance depends upon receiving factual information on the subject. LTCCEO was developed to offer our clients the knowledge they need to make wise decisions.

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Our Guest Article in this edition is  “Countdown to Retirement: 10 Years Away” by Eileen Ambrose and Sandra Block, Kiplinger




No current news in this issue.

Industry Updates:

From Mutual of Omaha:

LTC Claims Materials

LTCi Tax Advantages Flyer Updates

Mutual of Omaha is Invested in Long-Term Solutions

LTCi Underwriting Process Improvement

The New LTC Rider is Now Approved in Indiana

LTC Rider Brochure Now Available in Florida

Did You Hear the News?

Accelerated Underwriting for TLA

Critical Advantage Rate Decrease for Existing Policyholders

Critical Advantage Rate Decrease for Existing Policyholders

More States Approved or the Critical Advantage Rate Decrease

The New and Improved Critical Advantage Application Now in More States

Use the Critical Advantage Needs Flyer

Securian Financial

SecureCare multi-pay now available in IN, DE and NJ!

From GTL:

Consistently Competitive Med Supp Rates

From Genworth:

In-Force Rate Action Announcements – check the Newsletter to see if your state is affected.


Get caught up on all the latest Medicare Supplement News from Mutual of Omaha and Affiliates.

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