GILICO Year-end information to note

Year-end Notes


Processing Cut-off Dates
For Distributions:
To complete distributions by December 30, GILICO’s Topeka office must receive requests in good order by December 23.

For incomplete requests (NIGO), or requests received after December 23, we will strive to complete by December 30, but cannot guarantee.

For New Business:
GILICO’s Topeka office must receive new business requirements in good order by December 23 for contracts to be issued by December 27. This includes:

  • Complete deferred annuity applications, including premium and without additional requirements. RMDs to be processed in 2021 must be taken before the funds are transferred.
  • NIGO items received December 22 should cycle into queue by December 30.

AnnuiCare® News
Take a look at our asset-based Long Term Care product for a great opportunity to help your clients self-fund for long term and home care needs. Go to our presales page or call our sales desk at 800-535-8110 to learn more.

If you are already writing AnnuiCare®, thank you! Just a few reminders to avoid a delay in processing:

  • Include your interview code on the top of the application.
  • The applicant must sign the AnnuiCare® Long Term Care Benefits Illustration for submission with the application package.
  • Ensure the IRA Funded AnnuiCare Statement of Understanding is included for Qualified AnnuiCare submissions.

Please review the AnnuiCare® check list to ensure you have all the documentation for a smooth submission process.

GILICO’s offices will be closed December 24, 27 and 31.