Genomic Sequencing vs Genetic Testing

Know the important difference!

GTL’s Precision CareTM Cancer Insurance pays for your clients’ access to TGen’s world-class genomic sequencing services and one-on-one consultations.

GTL Genomic Sequencing

Genomic Sequencing

A complete analysis of a
person’s DNA in both healthy
and mutated cancer cells to
help determine the best course
of treatment based on those
specific markers

GTL Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

A targeted search of a
person’s DNA to help
determine their chances of
developing or passing on
certain medical conditions or
diseases in the future.


In the event of a cancer diagnosis, genomic sequencing is
what can help your clients have the best shot at beating their
cancer. GTL’s Precision CareTM Cancer Insurance was
designed to fill this exact need.

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Genomic Sequencing vs Genetic Testing