Full Legal Signature Required for Application Processing

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Attention Agents!

In order to avoid application processing delays,
please make sure that you obtain full legal signatures
on all submitted applications.

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To expedite and ensure the smooth processing of applications, we can only accept the full legal signature on all submitted applications.


Please inform your client that the following examples of signatures including scribbles, initials, or incomplete signatures will not be acceptable.

GTL Digital Signatures - Initials not accepted

Initials are not acceptable.

GTL Digital Signatures - Random letter not accepted

Random letters or characters are not acceptable.

GTL Digital Signatures - Scribbles not accepted

Scribbles are not acceptable.

Please make sure that your client writes their signature as legibly as possible with their full first and last name in order to avoid application processing delays.


Contact GTL’s Sales Support with any questions by texting or calling (800) 323-6907, or email agency@gtlic.com.


We thank you for your business!

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