For Immediate Release: Introducing OmniFlex™ Short-Term Care

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Introducing OmniFlex™: A Revolutionary Short-Term Care Plan Redefining the Industry, offered by ManhattanLife

PLYMOUTH, MN – June 22, 2023 – GoldenCare, an Integrity company, in partnership with ManhattanLife, is excited to announce the release of its highly anticipated product, OmniFlex. This groundbreaking short-term care plan sets a new standard in the industry, offering unmatched benefits and innovative features to individuals seeking comprehensive health coverage.

OmniFlex redefines short-term care insurance with its simple two-tiered underwriting, making coverage accessible to a broader range of individuals. By introducing a graded-benefit concept, OmniFlex enables more people to obtain necessary coverage.

Key Features and Benefits of OmniFLex:

  1. Fast-50™ Cash Benefit Option: OmniFlex provides a unique option that grants immediate access to cash benefits from day one. This feature is ideal for individuals who need to compensate their spouse, family, or friends for their invaluable support.
  2. Very Affordable Premiums: With OmniFlex, policyholders experience exceptional value for their money. The plan offers one of the best dollar-for-dollar values in the industry, ensuring affordable premiums without compromising comprehensive coverage.
  3. Built-in $300/Year Rx Benefit: OmniFlex is the only comprehensive short-term care plan that includes an Rx Benefit. This feature significantly offsets the premium paid and enhances the overall value of the plan.
  4. Full Benefits & Custodial HHC: OmniFlex offers a full indemnity daily benefit and a full benefit period for Home Health Care (HHC) aides. Additionally, it caters to custodial care organizations like Visiting Angels, providing comprehensive coverage for a wide range of care needs.
  5. Inflation Rider: OmniFlex stands apart by offering an inflation rider that increases facility, home health care, and cash benefits with inflation. This ensures that policyholder coverage keeps pace with the rising cost of care.
  6. Spousal Discount of 10%: Couples applying for OmniFlex together enjoy an additional 10% discount on their premiums, making the coverage even more affordable.
  7. Optional Hospital Indemnity Rider: As more seniors turn to Medicare Advantage plans, the hospital indemnity rider in OmniFlex proves invaluable by helping policyholders cover lofty hospital co-pays.
  8. Facility & Home Hospice Coverage: OmniFlex differentiates itself by including coverage for hospice care facilities, catering to the diverse needs of individuals seeking comprehensive short-term care.

“With its innovative features and unmatched benefits, OmniFlex provides individuals with the peace of mind they deserve during critical periods of health transition. We believe that ManhattanLife’s OmniFlex will set a new standard for comprehensive and accessible short-term care coverage,” said GoldenCare’s General Manager, Mike Lynch.

“We are thrilled to introduce OmniFlex, a game-changer in the short-term care insurance industry,” said Tom Randall, GoldenCare’s National Marketing Director. “This product provides agents with a comprehensive plan that is designed with the client’s changing needs in mind.”

“This is one of the most exciting product launches that I’ve personally been involved with,” said Todd Hayden, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of ManhattanLife. “It is difficult to truly differentiate with products in our industry and working with the GoldenCare team I think we have collectively done that. It is a product our distribution partners will embrace and equally important is the large number of consumers that will benefit greatly from OmniFlex.”

“For over 170 years, ManhattanLife has been standing by our customers and our producer partners, delivering products and security for customers from all walks of life when they need it most,” said Todd Tippets, President of Standard Life and Casualty Insurance Company, a ManhattanLife Company. “The OmniFlex Short-Term Care product is yet another example of identifying and addressing a core customer need, developing a product, and bringing it to market quickly.”

To learn more about OmniFlex and its exceptional features, interested individuals are encouraged to visit or contact GoldenCare directly at 800-842-7799.

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ManhattanLife, one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States, has a remarkable legacy in the marketplace. With 173 years of successful operations as an independent company, ManhattanLife stands as a testament to its enduring history and unwavering commitment to its policyholders.
In an era marked by significant merger and acquisition activity within the insurance industry, ManhattanLife’s longevity and continued independence showcase its reliability and steadfast dedication to serving its customers.
As a trusted underwriter of OmniFlex, both Standard Life and Casualty Insurance Company and ManhattanLife Insurance and Annuity Company, as ManhattanLife companies, bring extensive industry experience and expertise to provide comprehensive insurance solutions. With a focus on delivering quality coverage and exceptional customer service, ManhattanLife has built a strong reputation as a reliable partner in the insurance industry.


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