Good News | A Little Extra Research Can Go A Long Way


If you are quoting Mutual of Omaha’s MutualCare® Secure Solution LTCi for your clients… consider this:
The MutualCare® Custom Solution plan offers more benefit, often for only dollars more!

In the example below, when compared “apples to apples,” the Custom Solution premium is only about $6 per month more!

In addition, the Custom Solution plan includes a higher built-in cash benefit (40% of HHC), a built-in Buy Up feature on inflation options less than 5%, additional spousal rider options (Survivorship, Joint Waiver of Premium), more Return of Premium rider options, and greater flexibility!

Plus, our Sizzling Summer Promo is another compelling reason to sell the Custom Solution plan!

To review the benefit differences compared to the cost, call GoldenCare USA at 1-800-842-7799 and speak with a Regional Director!

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