Experts create new vision for senior living,” by Kimberly Bonvissuto, McKnight’s Senior Living

“Unconstrained by the parameters of the traditional long-term care model, a group of experts has developed a new vision of eldercare that they say is customizable, person-centered and coordinated. At the Center for Innovation’s 2023 conference this summer, C-suite leaders were challenged to build the aging support system of their dreams, ignoring today’s assisted livingmemory carenursing home and other long-term care models. Their vision is laid out in a new white paper, ‘Beyond Nursing Homes.’


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

Don’t bother. This is another completely useless thought paper that shows no clue what’s wrong and ignores the issue of funding. The reason the LTC profession does not provide the care people prefer is that it is dominated by centrally planned government financing. Only free markets provide the data entrepreneurs and investors need in order to know, provide and profit from giving consumers what they want.