Enemies,” by Ronald R. Hagelman, Broker World


“In my humble opinion no one has been a more consistent hard headed advocate of exposing the corrosive relationship between the public response to custodial care for the aged and the lack of success in private responses to reduce and return control of individual claims destiny than Stephen Moses. His most recent manifesto ‘Long-Term Care: The Problem’ recently released from the Paragon Health Institute once again provides conclusive irrefutable evidence that the still mushrooming consequence of current market conditions is the fault of existing misguided public response to the problem. The truth is we have always been fighting ourselves. It is the incestuous relationship between the holy trinity of Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare that has made it virtually impossible for us to adequately blunt this risk from the private sector. Private funding solutions including insurance, reverse mortgages and life settlements have had no room to breathe free when all the oxygen has already been sucked out of the room by State and Federal mandated, frequently capped and therefore underfunded, politically loose footballs. This exceptional white paper provides more than a sufficient arsenal of hard statistic ammunition to defeat any spurious attempt to defend the expansion of public taxpayer funded strategies. More of the same will not help. It will however most certainly exacerbate the problem.”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

Ron Hagelman’s monthly column for Broker World is a mainstay of thoughtful analysis and hopeful optimism in a struggling market. Ron is a friend and ally in our common mission to improve long-term care for all. I thank him for this recognition and urge his readers to take his advice: read Long-Term Care: The Problem and look forward to Long-Term Care: The Solution, forthcoming next year from Paragon Health Institute. To borrow Mr. Hagelman’s well-known tagline: “Other than that I have no opinion on the subject.”