Do pictures speak louder than words?

The need for long-term care insurance becomes apparent when you see how it benefits real-life customers. These flyers are learning tools you can turn into powerful sales tools by describing how an LTCi policy helped both Mutual of Omaha policyholders and their families.

Real People. Real Stories. How LTCi impacts people’s lives.

Thomas’s Story
Given a life expectancy of six months, Thomas used his policy to get home health care and hospice end-of-life services. View the Flyer
John’s Story
After John suffered a stroke, his wife used the care coordination provision of the policy to help her locate adult day care. View the Flyer
Bruce’s Story
The cash benefit of Bruce’s policy gave his wife the flexibility to manage his care and pay for the services he needed. View the Flyer
Marilyn’s Story
Following knee replacement surgery, Marilyn used her policy for services she needed to get back on her feet. View the Flyer
Do pictures speak louder than words?

Mutual of Omaha | Do pictures speak louder than words?

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Do pictures speak louder than words?