Customer Access Transitioning to Okta Login

Mutual of Omaha is committed to keeping your customers’ information safe. We will be transitioning the Customer Access login screen to utilize Okta technology. When your customers access Customer Access, they will be asked to log in with their username instead of email address. In addition, the log in screen will also look different, but your customers will still have the same 24/7 online access to their information. Beginning April 19, 2023, your customers will be required to change their password on Customer Access.

To assist in the transition, your customers will be receiving 3 separate emails, throughout the transition process. The three emails and contents are attached below. Note: The third email has instructions and screen shots included, so you can assist your customers, as needed.

Email 1: Notify Customers of Upcoming Change

Email 2: Transition to Username is Effective

Email 3: Notification of Password Reset Required
For any further questions, please contact Sales Support at 800-693-6083.
Thank you for your business.

Customer Access Transitioning to Okta Login