Creating Income Protection Strategies for Veterinarians

From clinics to zoos, veterinarians are trusted caretakers for some of the most vulnerable. Take a closer examination of the occupation and the opportunity to provide a disability income protection solution.

Why Small Animal Vets

  • Occupation has a median income of $93,830
  • Job outlook through 2028 suggests 18% growth (faster than average) for the occupation
  • May be eligible for discounts

How and Where to Approach Small Animal Vets

  • Review your current book of business to look for veterinarian clients who don’t have individual DI coverage
  • Reach out to local and regional association groups where veterinarians are likely to belong
  • Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search function to find and connect with local veterinarians

Materials for Success with Small Animal Vets

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Creating Income Protection Strategies for Veterinarians