COVID mortality trending older, with 9 in 10 deaths in adults aged 65 and older,” by Alicia Lasek, McKnight’s LTC News


“COVID is taking a much lower toll in the United States than it did during the 2021 delta wave, at 300 deaths per day now versus 2,000 then, but the majority of the deaths are skewing older, according to a new report based on federal data. …The proportion of deaths among older adults has varied during the course of the pandemic, they reported. In the first few months, those aged 65 or older accounted for eight in 10 deaths. This number dropped to a low of six in 10 during the summer of 2021 but is now back up to nine in 10.”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

LTC is only an issue if people live long enough to need it. Friday’s LTC Bullet about how to survive a hospital stay will make that observation even more pointedly