“The Coming Elder Care Crisis”

The Coming Elder Care Crisis,” by Harry Margolis, Next Avenue

“Since Medicaid is designed to be only for the poor, in order to obtain coverage, older adults must become poor by spending down their assets. And then they still may not get the care they want. Medicaid pays for only limited assisted living or home care, though coverage of both has been expanding in recent years. As a result, many people have to move to nursing homes just because Medicaid will pay for their care in such a setting.”



LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

This is rich. Harry Margolis is probably the best known Medicaid planner in the country. He’s made his living for the 30-plus years I’ve known him artificially impoverishing affluent clients to qualify them for Medicaid. Instead of backing realistic plans to reform LTC services and financing, he advocates for defective government programs like WA Cares. Economic reality will soon put an end to social insurance chimeras, but we flounder in the meantime. To make sense of what ails LTC, read the Paragon Health Institute’s “Long-Term Care: The Problem” and “Long-Term Care: The Solution” and watch this “virtual LTC event” featuring age wave visionary Ken Dychtwald and leading LTC researchers.