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CareForward is now on StrateCision

For years, Stratecision has set the standard for LTCi comparison tools. You can now find Thrivent’s linked-benefit solution, CareForward, in Stratecision’s ComboCompare.

With ComboCompare, you can:

  • Get quotes for a single client or a couple, for the current Life/LTC hybrid plans
  • Create single or comparative proposals, up to 6 on a page
  • See how benefits compare for a fixed premium, or premium comparisons for a chosen benefit
  • See Face Amount/Death Benefit for your choice of premium or monthly LTC benefit
  • See annual and total premium, total and monthly benefit, and benefits at age 80
  • Show how inflation protection options and other riders affect premiums and benefits

NOTE: Full carrier illustrations are required to be submitted with an application. Those illustrations can be run in WinFlex or by appointed producers using

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