Are You Filling Gaps in Coverage?


You may have sizeable groups of clients with gaps in their coverage, particularly those with high deductible health insurance plans and those with elimination periods in their disability insurance. We have a great option to fill that need.

Cancer & Heart Attack/Stroke policies are a perfect complement to existing health or DI coverage. And since they pay cash benefits upon diagnosis, they’re ideal for clients who are concerned about meeting deductible requirements or waiting for DI coverage to begin.

Likewise, those immediate funds can be helpful for Med supp clients, who may have more comprehensive medical coverage but may not have funds to cover expenses associated (travel to treatment, lost wages for spouse, etc.) with these conditions.

For all these groups, Cancer & Heart Attack/Stroke policies can help fill the gaps for your clients and protect what’s important to them. Read the “Fill the Gaps” flyer to learn more!

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