Anti-Money Laundering Best Practices

What vendors do we accept AML from?

  • RegEd
  • Kaplan
  • WebCE
  • Sandi Kruise

What courses from LIMRA does Mutual of Omaha accept?
First time users must complete:

  • Anti-Money Laundering for Insurance Producers

Renewal Courses

  • 2016 renewal — Elder Financial Abuse and Money Laundering
  • 2018 renewal — The Importance of Knowing Your Customer
  • 2020 renewal — Money Laundering and Cybercrime

How to complete AML Training through LIMRA
The LIMRA course will not be available until after the producer has received confirmation and a producer number. If the producer is already enrolled in LIMRA the training will automatically update in our system.

  1. Access AML training via LIMRA:
  2. Enter your LIMRA username – Your username is your National Producer Number (NPN)
    • If your NPN is unknown, click the “Forgot Your Username” link on the login page. Proceed to steps 3 and 4
    • You also can access your NPN on the NIPR website –
  3. If you do not have an NPN use the “click here” option under Exceptions
  4. Choose Mutual of Omaha as a company and enter your producer number in the employee number field (no leading zero)
  5. Enter your LIMRA password:
    • First Time Users: The password is your last name i all lower case
    • Returning Users: The password you reset when you registered – If you no longer have access, click the forgot my password link to reset.

Once the training is completed through LIMRA it will download into our system within 48 hours.

Anti-Money Laundering Best Practices