AIG Operations: Service Improvement Plan Hits Key Milestone

Service Times Cut By More Than Half …
And More Improvements Are On The Way

Several months ago we announced an ambitious undertaking to transform our service model with the goal of improving your experience and the quality of work delivered, and reducing turnaround times.

Our pledge was that by June 30, we would be within time standards of our service level agreements (SLAs) for our key functional areas. We pursued this goal by adding and training new staff, reviewing and improving our processes, implementing system enhancements, and having departments work overtime to deliver on our promises.

As a result of these efforts, since our Service Improvement Plan was announced in April, the total number of days needed to process a new application from submission to issue along key touch points has been reduced by more than half. Please see the table within the announcement for improvement details by area.

… And More Improvements Are On The Way

We are now entering the most exciting phase of our service transformation, as we lift our sights from the solid foundation we have built and begin to implement our strategic vision for the future. This includes:

  • Streamlining and automating our processes
  • Reducing manual intervention
  • Refining our requirements to drive faster decisions and policy issuance
  • Enhancing our training and quality controls to improve efficiencies

And most fundamentally, we will continue to transform our culture to emphasize a truly customer-centric approach. In future Service Improvement Plan bulletins we’ll share greater details about each of these initiatives.

By September 30 — and through the end of the year — we intend to have implemented an improved set of SLAs, with processes that create an even more improved experience. Our goal is to not only further improve on your service times, but to exceed industry standards and deliver a truly differentiated service experience for you and your clients.

Thank you again for the feedback and support you’ve provided these past few months. We’ve been working diligently to make fundamental changes to our service processes, and your constructive feedback has helped guide our efforts.

AIG Operations: Service Improvement Plan Hits Key Milestone


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