Advertising Compliance Requirements

Mutual of Omaha has long been committed to ensuring that all advertising materials used to promote our company and our products meet certain criteria as required by government regulations, the NAIC, and our Home Office.

Producers are required to obtain permission from the company before advertising on its behalf. Because of our commitment to compliance, we have developed and rely on our Advertising Review system to maintain a system of control over the content, form, and method of distribution of all advertisements of our products and services.

If you are looking for advertising materials, please check Forms & Materials on Sales Professional Access (SPA) at for approved materials such as prospecting letters, postcards, newspaper ads, brochures, etc.

Failure to comply with Mutual of Omaha’s advertising review requirements shall be considered a violation of the company’s compliance requirements. Violations may be addressed through Mutual of Omaha’s Producer Performance Program and could result in corrective action with the most severe action being the cancellation of the producer’s contract.

For more information, you can access the Advertising Compliance Manual on SPA under Administration Manual.

Advertising Compliance Requirements