Achieving Together in 2021

OneAmerica's Dennis Martin, PresidentAchieving Together in 2021
2021 is certainly off to a quick start! Already more than a month into the new year, I’m still enjoying the opportunity to look forward to the possibilities ahead in 2021.

Before I share some of what I envision for both our industry and for OneAmerica® this year, I’d like to offer some well-deserved thanks to each of you. Despite the challenges of 2020, you showed fortitude, resilience and dedication. Your perseverance makes a meaningful impact on your clients and on our business, and we’re grateful and proud to work with each of you.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s in store for the industry, and for OneAmerica, in the year ahead.

What’s ahead for the industry?
In late December, I penned a 2021 forecast for Broker World highlighting three factors that converged and accelerated in 2020, all of which I believe will impact our industry well into the future. I want to share what each of them means to you, in terms of your relationship with OneAmerica.
Low-Interest Environment

As a result of forward-looking pricing changes we made in 2019, in anticipation of the emerging low rates, the OneAmerica product portfolio remains stable and well-positioned. Still, though headwinds persist for all carriers, OneAmerica is committed to a forward-looking and long-term approach, and in making promises that stand the test of time. We’re staying nimble and responsive, ready to make adjustments and innovative additions to our already-diverse portfolio.
Digital Demand

The pandemic accelerated an already-increasing demand for digital tools and services. Meeting this need is essential, and it’s exciting because it will encourage change and progress at a quickened pace. We’re building on the accelerated underwriting and new-business improvements we made in 2020 to further strengthen our digital capabilities. Key for OneAmerica, though, is our focus on enabling a relationship-based customer experience with technology that augments, not replaces, the personal connections clients have with their financial professionals.
Lasting Impact of 2020

2021 will be pivotal as we begin to understand how policyholders, distribution partners and carriers are responding to the challenges that emerged in 2020, and how they’re adapting to accelerating trends. Your feedback will be vital in helping us understand the new reality. Relationships have always been at the core of who we are at OneAmerica, and we’ll rely on our connections with you to help us strengthen the way we serve you and our policyholders.

What’s ahead for OneAmerica?
As an enterprise, OneAmerica is moving forward in 2021 with energy, optimism and intention. While we have always been focused on growth, we’re doubling down on efforts to further our producer-centric business strategy and position our distribution partners to reach new levels of success. Across our organization, we’re working to implement strategies and solutions that enhance our stakeholders’ experience and expand our marketplace offerings.

We’re also deepening our enterprise-wide focus on diversity, equity and inclusion – important principles we’re committed to further ingraining in our culture and our business plan. I’ll be sharing more about how these ideas will shape the way we operate in, connect with and serve an increasingly diverse industry and customer base.

Staying in touch with you is also a top priority, especially after a year that left us feeling more disconnected than ever. While I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to restart some in-person meetings in 2021, we’re committed to finding ways to stay aligned. Look for more communications and opportunities to stay in touch, as we aim to understand your challenges, celebrate your successes and better understand how we can empower you and enable your business to grow.

I have no doubt this will be a busy year, and I look forward to the work we’ll do together. As always, thank you for your business and for the trust you’ve placed in us.

Dennis Martin, signed

Achieving Together in 2021