Accelerated Benefit Rider Materials Updated for 2017

At United of Omaha and Companion, we offer Accelerated Death Benefits for Terminal Illness and Chronic Illness. These riders give clients an option to access a portion of their death benefit early. This money can provide a little more comfort during a difficult time or can be used to help cover the costs of long-term care.

For the Chronic Illness Rider, the benefit amount is capped each year by the IRS per diem limit. For 2017, this limit has increased from $340 per day to $360 per day (or $131,400 for the year), which means that clients needing to exercise this rider have access to a higher benefit amount (subject to policy limits).

The following materials have been updated with the new benefit amounts:

If you have additional questions on how the Accelerated Death Benefit Riders work, please contact Mutual of Omaha’s Sales Support at 1-800-693-6083 or your Sales Director.

Accelerated Benefit Rider Materials Updated for 2017