“ACA Diluted Funds for the Severely Disabled”

“ACA Diluted Funds for the Severely Disabled,” by Paul T. Spencer, Wall Street Journal letter to the editor

“The ACA has expanded funding for Medicaid services, but it has also to an even greater degree expanded the pool of people eligible to dip their spoon in the pot. It used to be that Medicaid did a fair job of providing for the truly disabled and needy. Now it does a lousy job of serving more people, many of whom are not truly needy and could provide care for themselves. . . . Please join me in supporting the repeal of the ACA and put Medicaid funding back in the pot for the truly needy and disabled in our society.”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
This letter captures the essence of what ObamaCare did to Medicaid. For the wider significance, see our new report How to Fix Long-Term Care Financing (2017). Thanks to Green Bay, Wisconsin Center Regional Rep Romeo Raabe for tipping us to this item.

ACA Diluted Funds for the Severely Disabled