A New LTC Producer Uses Underwriting Tools to His Advantage

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Don is a new long-term care insurance agent based in St. Louis. As he learns the industry and product, Don has found it useful to carry the MutualCare® Solutions Underwriting Guide as an aid while screening clients.

Recently, Don was working with a 65-year-old male applying for the Custom Solution. Having already familiarized himself with the build chart before the meeting, Don knew to quote no better than Class 1 based on the client’s height and weight. However, during the prescreen Don learned of a pre-diabetes diagnosis.

Unsure how to proceed, Don consulted the Underwriting Guide. Under “Diabetes” the guide advised to use a Diabetes questionnaire for prescreening. Don immediately downloaded the questionnaire, he went over the questions with the client and no answers raised a red flag. Don submitted the application and the completed questionnaire.

The application and questionnaire were reviewed by the underwriter, medical records confirmed the client’s build and no issues with diabetes or prediabetes were noted in medical records. The policy was issued at a Class 1 rate.
TIP:  Using the LTC Underwriting Guide enabled Don to effectively complete the client’s application. By utilizing the Diabetes questionnaire provided by our underwriting team, the policy was reviewed and issued quickly. In addition, Don was able to set realistic expectations on his client’s premium by quoting the appropriate rate class.
Check out our current MutualCare® Solutions Underwriting Guide here


A New LTC Producer Uses Underwriting Tools to His Advantage