Thrivent LTCi and Family History of Alzheimer’s

Clarification from Thrivent regarding Family History of Alzheimer’s

Thrivent underwrites LTCi based on the applicant’s personal health history, with the exception of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Dementia (EOAD). Please refer to the following EOAD guidelines:

  • EOAD Definition: Both parents diagnosed AD prior to age 65 or death from AD prior to age 70 or a parent plus one additional close relative such as a sibling, or aunt, uncle or grandparent on the side of the affected parent with early onset AD.
  • At age equal to or less than 59 years old, whether or not this member showed any symptoms of cognitive disorder, if both parents were either diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dementia (AD) prior to age 65, OR died from AD prior to age 70, the member will be ineligible to apply for Thrivent LTC coverage.
  • If, however, they do not satisfy our definition of EOAD, then we can consider for application. This will be underwritten based on the applicant’s personal health history.

Bottom line: if there’s a family history of memory loss involving both parents (or a parent plus a close relative ), agents should obtain details as to when they were diagnosed, or died, to determine whether the guidelines for EOAD apply.

Questions? If you have any questions on a particular case regarding family history and EOAD, please contact the Pre-Qualification team at LTCG.

The information above is not reflected in the current Underwriting Guide, so we wanted to provide this clarification, and have requested that future versions of the underwriting guide contain this clarification

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