Streamlined Voice Signature Process for iGO Med Sup e-App


We’re excited to announce a faster, easier voice signature process for the Medicare Supplement insurance e-App.

We’ve heard your feedback, and have designed an efficient IVR system that reduces the average call time from 15 minutes down to just 5 minutes.

Here are some things to keep in mind with the latest version of the voice signature for the e-App:

  • There is a new number to call when using the enhanced process. This number will appear on the e-App screen once you select the voice signature option.
  • Before you’re able to complete and submit applications, clients will need to provide you with the 7-digit number they’re assigned at the end of the voice signature process.
  • Before making the IVR call, please confirm clients have reviewed all forms in advance to ensure they can complete the voice signature process.
  • Instruct clients to listen to the full questions before selecting a keypad option.

Transamerica is committed to ensuring a smooth process for your clients and business. To access the e-App visit the “Sales Tool” tab at and select “Launch E-App” under the e-App option.

Streamlined Voice Signature Process for iGO Med Sup e-App