“Other states have proposed long-term-care laws that could sneak up on workers”

Other states have proposed long-term-care laws that could sneak up on workers,” by Elizabeth Hovde, Washington Policy Center


“Take the warning, Pennsylvania and New York. Once workers in your states learn about a new social program that will take money from their paychecks for a benefit many of them will never receive, they won’t be fond of it. And at least be honest that a new payroll tax will be a state funding stream, not a reliable benefit for workers. The penalty for being a worker, especially for low-income workers, is substantial. Pennsylvania and New York residents might not learn about the false promises and shortcomings of long-term-care laws being considered by their lawmakers before it is too late. An industry source tells me workers in those states seem to be just as in the dark as Washingtonians were about their long-term-care law. In July 2023, W-2 workers here will begin paying the state another payroll tax. This one will be 58 cents for every $100 earned.”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

The Keystone Kops of Long-Term Care in two more states think they can do LTCI better than private sector insurance experts and professional LTC insurance specialists. WA Cares all over again if voters don’t stop them.