“Minimum-Wage Hikes Could Deepen Shortage Of Health Aides,” by Anna Gronewold, Associated Press

“There are currently 2.2 million home health aides and personal care aides in the U.S., with another 630,000 needed by 2024 as the Baby Boomer generation ages, according to the nonprofit research and consulting group PHI. New York state employs about 326,000 home health workers but is predicted to need another 125,000 by 2024. For now, home health aides in New York state earn an average of about $11 an hour, though wages are lower in upstate regions. Advocates say the system needs a complete overhaul that focuses on higher pay, worker retention and finding methods of compensation beyond what is provided through Medicaid.”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
Mandating a $15 minimum wage would only mean fewer home health aide jobs. Wishful thinking doesn’t create well-paying jobs any more than it produces lottery wins. The real problem is too many people dependent on Medicaid which can barely afford the going $11 per hour wage.

Minimum-Wage Hikes Could Deepen Shortage Of Health Aides