LTCi Career Development Program

The MutualCare® Solutions Long-term Care Insurance Career Development Program has been developed to offer a proven, structured methodology to master the knowledge and skills to sell our long-term care products.

Throughout the program, you will cover the following:

  • Long-Tern Care Overview
  • Marketing Long-term Care Coverage (With Review Questions)
  • Medicare and Medicaid Overview
  • Long-term Care Partnership plans (With Review Questions)
  • How to Evaluate Your Clients Long-term Care Needs
  • Long-term Care Tax Clarifications and Consumer Questions (With Review Questions)
  • MutualCare® Solutions Product Overview
  • Provisions, Exclusions and Other Features
  • Underwriting Overview (With Review Questions)
  • Sales Support, Marketing and Prospecting Materials

Take your first step to becoming an industry expert! Start reviewing our LTCi Career Development Program here on SPA.

LTCi Career Development Program