LTC Concept Material

Since having a good sales story is a key component to the sales process, we offer a collection of material that will help develop that story. The LTC concept material provides training, prospecting and client brochures to help with your sale.

Training materials are short flyers that will help you learn about the concept, how to offer it to your clients, and who to target.

Prospecting material are postcards you can use to reach out to new clients.

Once you are ready to speak to your client, the brochure gives detailed information explaining how the concept can help meet their needs.

The concepts included vary from protecting your client’s retirement income, the cost of waiting to get an LTCi policy and the flexibility of cash and reimbursement benefits.

Check out all the options of concept material to help with your sales here.

If you have any questions, please contact Mutual of Omaha’s Sales Support at (800) 693-6083 or e-mail

LTC Concept Material