Check out Humana Achieve’s new Household Discount

Humana Achieve Enhanced household premium discount

Humana Achieve’s new enhanced household discount will allow more clients to qualify and receive bigger savings!

Humana Achieve is making big changes to its household premium discount. Previously, this discount only applied to policies where both members of a household had a Humana Med Supp policy, but the criteria is being expanded to allow for more policyholders to qualify.

The enhanced household discount is available on new policies only, with your client qualifying on new policies only, if they have resided with one to three adults, including their spouse, for the last 12 months. The original discount is still available for policies issued prior to the effective date of this new enhanced discount.

This is rolling out on a state-by-state basis, with more
to be announced soon!

Available March 1: Illinois, Georgia
Available April 1: Arkansas, Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin
Available May 1: Texas, Mississippi, North Carolina


Check out Humana Achieve’s new Household Discount

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